Providing Customized Private Tours of Scotland

See Scotland Your Way

Explore the most beautiful, historic and famous locations in Scotland your way. See the incredible natural landscape of the lochs, explore scenic towns and villages, step back through history! Whether you love the bright city lights of Edinburgh or Glasgow, or you prefer the natural beauty of the rolling countryside, we can design the perfect tour for you!

We provide personalized private tours of Scotland for small groups of up to 7 people. Each tour can be designed for you to create your perfect Scottish Experience. You can select a tour from a list of pre-designed tours or build a tour from scratch based on your interests.

What we offer:

- Luxury Transport:  Enjoy your tour in the luxury of our Mercedes Vito 9 seater mini bus.

- Shore Excursions: Our tours are perfect for cruise ship shore excursions and we will get you back to your ship on time.

- Family Focussed: Our special family focused tours are adapted to keep youngsters entertained. We welcome families, not tolerate or accommodate them.

- Wheelchair access:  Most of our tours are access friendly and our transport has good “boot” space for scooters etc.

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What We Do

We provide a private customized tour for you and your group of up to 7 people which has been designed to match your requirements based on your preferences. We also provide pre-designed tours for some of the more popular destinations which you will be able to customize to match your needs. Both of these tour offerings are perfect for cruise ship excursion days. Additionally we can provide corporate hospitality for you and your international guests to allow you to have a break from the office and show off this magnificent country. We will get some general details from you and design a tour to match your groups needs.

Your time is precious, spend it doing what you want to do.

Don’t follow the herd.

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Tour Designer

If you want a tour designed for you and your group, use our tour designer page to give us a little more information as to what your interests are. Also if you have anything specific you want to do let us know and we will use our local knowledge and expertise to design a unique custom built tour just for you.


Predesigned Tours

There are many popular attractions and sites in Scotland and a lot of visitors want to see the “highlights”. We have several predesigned tours which visit the most popular locations in this area of Scotland. If you see a predesigned tour you like just let us know and we will run that tour for you on the day you specify. We still want you to get all you want out of the day so if you want to add on to a tour to allow you to shop or try something different just let us know and we will redesign the tour to suit your needs.


Corporate Hospitality

Often visiting guests don’t get a chance to experience our fantastic country with its incredible history and magnificent scenery. Designer tour invite you and your guests to take some time out from that busy work schedule to take a moment and discover some of what Scotland has to offer. We can organise the full day and with our partners we can provide a hand crafted luxury hamper all hand prepared by our professional Chef using only fresh Scottish produce. If you wish a record of the day our photographer partner will provide the perfect memory allowing your guests to simply enjoy the day.

Alternatively you could treat your team to a perfect day out. You can choose from any of our pre-designed tours or create a day to match your teams preferences.



10 Reasons To Book With Us

At Designer Tour we believe there are many good reasons to choose a small, private, guided tour over a large group tour, especially if you have limited time to visit our fantastic country. If you have already decided this is the type of tour you want to book, you will be overwhelmed with the choice of tour providers all doing very similar things. So why would you choose Designer Tour over all the other providers? We have spent a lot of time considering your needs and wants and we have tried to come up with ways to make our tour just that little bit more special than all the other providers to the point where you just won’t want to go anywhere else.

Route Map & Tour Information


Example Route Map

Your tour will have been booked by one guest and they will most likely know exactly where you are going and what you are doing because they have requested and designed the tour with us, however not all members of the group will have the same understanding. Every tour is different and so we provide an individual customized route map with the itinerary for the day for each guest. These are specific to your tour and can be taken away as a small reminder of the trip.

Free Hot Drinks at Any Stop

Stopping for a tea or coffee can cost precious time and money. At each stop we will provide the option to have a hot drink as we get back to the bus, allowing you to drink it as we are driving or just while we are taking in a magnificent view without wasting any time queuing. Drinks are provided in travel safe cups with screw lids.

A nice hot cupa on the go with no queuing and all free.

A nice hot cupa on the go with no queuing and all free.

Personal Seat Organiser & Bottled Water

Seat Organiser

Our transport is equipped with individual personal organisers to allow guests to store drinks bottles and cups, mobile phones and other devices providing just that little bit more comfort.

This is quite a basic provision but water will be provided to each guest at the start of the tour with more available on request. As part of our drive for environmental sustainability we provide water in reusable containers but appreciate that some guests prefer plastic bottles, we provide both.

Personal Audio Systems

We provide each guest with an audio receiver for use both inside and outside the bus. The devices are used to provide clear communication from the guide either while driving or during a guided part of a stop. they have a range of up to 100 meters and can also be used to provide music during parts of our journey without having to play it over the bus audio system. This means our guests can pick and choose when they want to listen and how loud they want the music to be without affecting other guests.

You will be able to hear us on the move or in the bus, assuming you want to???

You will be able to hear us on the move or in the bus, assuming you want to???

Get Me To My Ship On Time

We’ll keep an eye out for you.

We’ll keep an eye out for you.

If you are travelling on a cruise you don’t want to be that passenger that is left behind or the one that has to sneak on the ship at the last minute. For cruise excursions our drivers will always have an eye on the traffic with a sat nav set for the cruise terminal just in case traffic takes a turn for the worse. You will always be able to see that your end destination is reachable from any location on our tour. This system has traffic monitoring to keep us up to date.


Just in case the Scottish weather lives up to it’s unpredictable nature we supply individual golf umbrellas for each of our guests. Most guests come expecting nice dry weather but this can be a little variable, so just in case, we have you covered, literally :)

Rain drops keep falling on my head, but not on this tour. We’ve got you covered.

Rain drops keep falling on my head, but not on this tour. We’ve got you covered.

A Taste of Scotland

Photo 2019-05-09 14.09.50.jpg

At some point during our tour you will be provided with a little sweet treat taste of Scotland. There are some things you should just not leave Scotland without trying, this will be your chance to “gae it a bash” as we say (simply means “try it”).

Picnic Benches

Some of the areas we will be visiting can get quite busy and some times there are no picnic tables available where we may want to use them. We have equipped the bus with folding picnic benches which means we can guarantee our guests a seat at any location it also means we can choose where to enjoy our stops with more flexibility.

A seat at any stop.

A seat at any stop.

The Kilted Caterer

Designer Tour Scotland29 small.jpg

During peak season stopping for lunch can be quite time consuming. You don’t want to waste precious time waiting for a seat in a restaurant or cafe. We have teamed up with a local chef to provide a fantastic alternative, a freshly prepared picnic hamper made by our own Scottish chef. All of the products are individually prepared using only fresh local Scottish produce to provide a taste sensation which will leave you full but still hungry for more. Individually wrapped lunches can be consumed while taking in some glorious sights or even en route from one stop to the next saving both time and money as these fantastic packages are very reasonably priced.

A10 Visuals

I am a very keen traveler and have visited some truly awesome locations. I spend most of my time trying to snap that one memorable photograph. My photographs are never as good as the real thing. With a photographer taking care of that you won’t have the same issue and you can simply enjoy the experience. If the weather is not good for photographs and you still want a reminder, John has a stock of photographs from all of the locations we have visited which he will provide at a very competitive rate.

The more observant of you will notice that there are 11 reasons on this page but that is because at Designer Tour we like to under promise and over deliver.


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